Yury Shabelnikov: Mystery-BEEF II ///

Yury Shabelnikov: "Mystery-BEEF II"

Opening:  August 3, 19.00

На бойне_2

This project is aimed to state and, what is more likely, to confirm that viewers in some sense are carnivores, that they, in fact, need not bread and circuses, but circuses, flesh and blood. That is the reason of longstanding interest in all kinds of bloodthirsty blockbusters where blood flows like water.

Yury Shabelnikov: "I would like to comment on carnivorousness in art, as well as in life - they are communicating vessels. In visual arts there is a tendency to work not even with physicality, but with flesh, to show blood, "dissected corpses", very natural signs of violence (to say nothing of the movie). I think that the appeal to "hot", takes the art somewhere in the opposite direction. My exhibition is a reflection on the subject".

The series was created in 1996.
Free admission