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Vladimir Anselm: "GEO-Heliopolis"
Opening: April 10, 19:00

16thLINE_Vladimir Anselm 

16thLINE GALLERY hosts the solo exhibition "GEO-Heliopolis" by Berlin-based artist Vladimir Anselm.

"Sculptural objects and paintings by Vladimir Anselm appeal to our experiencing imagination. They evoke memories that are deep inside us - in the black as coal unconscious abyss which a ray of rationality does not reach. Viewing his work gives a sudden sense of recognition of something familiar, but forgotten", - the curator Maria Sigutina says.
Anselm explores the images reproduced by masters in different periods of European history from antiquity to the present day. The artist pays special attention to the period of German romanticism. His coal sculptures and paintings represent the reification of fundamental images that appear on the cultural surface again and again, escaping the destructive predominance of mind, technologies and information flows.

The exhibition runs until April 27.
Opening hours: 12:00-21:00, Tue-Sun
Free admission