[somemoredark.nearbird] ///

Opening: March 14, 2014, 20.00
Venue: «MAKARONKA» art center


The participants of the project are modern Rostov artists who are free to create their ideas, topics, media and materials.
The title of the exhibition [somemoredark.nearbird] is a wide-known euphemism for a Russian coarse phrase which emotionally expresses the position of a female artist striving to be independent and to overcome the stereotype of a "tradition keeper".

Fluxrus-group «Belka & Strelka», Leily Aslanova, Masha Bogoraz, Irina Grabkova, Eva More, L. Saakyants, Sarah Selezneva , Inna Fedorova, Marianna Shprayzer and others.

On view until March 16
Opening hours: 12.00-20.00
Free admission

The exhibition [somemoredark.nearbird] is the first in the series of art projects by the "Masterskie" lab that has worked since February 2013 at the art-centre MAKARONKA as a partly select club on the gallery artists' initiative. On March 14 the art lab opens its doors to the public in order to attract new members.
The "Masterskie" lab presents a variety of group and solo artistic experiments, exhibitions and events, art talks that are moderated by its members themselves.

The global aim of the art lab "Masterskie" is to develop contemporary art.


  • formation of a local artistic community;
  • exchange of knowledge, literature and ideas on contemporary art; 
  • preparation and implementation of solo or group projects and artistic experiments