16thLINE presents IDM - new project by OLEG USTINOV

On May 16, 19:00 the 16thLINE gallery of contemporary art will host the IDM exhibition by Oleg Ustinov, the emerging Rostov artist.

IDM No.8 (paper, mixed media, 2130 [ 1195)  

The new IDM project by Oleg Ustinov continues the dialogue between the image and sound that the author began with the project SQWER in the mid noughties. The artist uses the techniques of Intelligent Dance Music to create large-format paintings. At some point of the track a mutating melody with a varying non-linear rhythm is transferred by the author into the visual field. Here IDM serves as a link with children's "immediate" perception of a picture as a color- composite block and turns it into the text marked with syntactic or semantic destruction.

Music: SBOi. 

IDMburger # 2(mixed media on paper, 1065 x1065)  

Opening hours: 12.00-21.00 Tuesday-Sunday

Free admission