01 - 14 August 2013

The 16thLINE gallery and the MAKARONKA Art Center will host the international city festival of contemporary art "COOPERATION TERRITORY" that will be held in Rostov-on-Don from 1 to 14 August. The key festival platforms will be the MAKARONKA Art Center, the 16thLINE gallery and CreativeSpace.PRO.

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The aim of the festival is to investigate how contemporary artists "use the language of art as a tool to change the reality" *, transforming the urban environment into space for life. Artists create works that draw our attention to the importance of a respect to the place we live in, to the value of a particular "good cause" example, and may contribute to creating a sense of everyone's responsibility for a common happy co-existence.

The festival will be accompanied by a series of workshops, presentations and artist talks. It will bring together works by young artists from France, Great Britain, Japan, Australia,  the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

The major project of the festival will be the international exhibition of the same name "COOPERATION TERRITORY". It will be presented at the «MAKARONKA» Art Center and the 16thLINE gallery at the same time.

The special project of the festival is the "36 hours" exhibition that will be held at CreativeSpace.PRO. After 35 years, it will repeat the show by the American curator Walter Hopps at the Museum of Temporary Art in Washington, where every visitor had the opportunity to bring and exhibit anything that was their idea of art.

A number of other art projects will also be run as part of the festival at various venues in Rostov-on-Don.
The curators Leyly Aslanova and Maria Sigutina invite everyone to reflect on what unites us, despite our differences. What role do inhabitants of urban spaces play in creating relationships between past, present and future?

Artists: Luke Turner (Sydney) │Sonia Leber and David Chesworth (Melbourne)│Suki Chan (London)│Naoki Fuku (Tokyo)│ Jiří Maha, Martina Pokorná, Čeněk Pýcha, Daria Roik, Luboš Svoboda (Prague) │"Partizaning" (Igor Ponosov, Moscow) │Timofey Radya (Ekaterinburg) │Tatiana Stadnichenko (Krasnodar) │Mischa Badasyan (Berlin) │Sasha Kurmaz (Kiev) │ Alexey Timbul (Novocherkassk) │"Gorod Ustinov" art group (Izhevsk) │Alexey Khamov (Rostov-on-Don) │"SOSka" art group (Kharkiv) │ "ZIP" art group (Krasnodar) │Belka & Strelka  fluxrus group (Taganrog) │Masha Bogoraz and "Prachechnaya" art group (Rostov-on-Don) │SITO art group (Rostov-on-Don) │Maxim Koposov (Moscow) │Roman Khan (Saint-Petersburg) │Daniil Epifanov (Rostov-on-Don)│Pavel Platonov (Rostov-on-Don) │Zhanna Kadyrova (Kiev) │Leta Dobrovolskaya (Moscow) │Alisa Tayezhnaya (Moscow)

For news on the festival, the program, interviews and other important information please visit: www.16thline.com


Valentina Krylova, Project Coordinator
+7 905 457 47 20 v16thline@gmail.com

Aslanova Leyly, Festival Curator
+7 919 876 43 12 aslanleyly@gmail.com

Ksenia Protosevich, PR-manager of 16thLINE
+ 7 988 585 04 06 dnk@line16.com

* from the "Manifesto" of the Partizaning project.