Bastards. Blood is not water ///

The Culture Centre "Tipography" hosts the exhibition "Bastards. Blood is not water" with works by the Rostov artists. The project is organized by Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (KISR) and the 16thLINE gallery (Rostov-on-Don).


The exposition is opened as part of the cultural exchange programme for artists from different countries and cities who work on the contemporary art scene, and it is the first exhibition in the newly renovated space of KISR.

The project "Bastards. Blood is not water" features works by the Rostov artists Leily Aslanova and Marianna Shpraizer, Masha Bogoraz, Daniil Epifanov, Yegor Zalepa, Tanya #denegislavy Klimenko, Ivan Miroshnichenko, Albert Pogorelkin, Alexander Selivanov, Alexey Timbul, Alexey Khamov, "SITO" art group, fluxrus group "Belka&Strelka". According to the artists, the main idea of the exhibition is the so-called "creative fatherless".
"We are Rostov artists who like our fathers: Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine and other artists of "École de Paris", - are united not by a common ideology or an artistic programme, we are a community of artists who are in a free search and yearn for professional communication. We learn about the history of art - of our kinsfolk, the work by great people - our fathers - through mediation of literature and art catalogues with bad reproductions, through the Internet, through unreliable sources and worn photos and videos. Today we honor you, our fathers, great artists! We honor the Great World Art History! We honor our blood!"- the curator Leily Aslanova says.
On view: until March 14
Address: 106 Rashpilevskaya Str., 3rd floor
The project is supported by the OSVETEAM company and