Alexei Khamov
April 18 - May 12, 2013
Curator - Maria Sigutina

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On  April 18 16thLINE gallery is opening another personal exhibition of a young artist from Rostov-on-Don - Alexey Khamov. In his new project, "In the Name of Life" Khamov employs toxic chemicals to create works of art. Choosing the poison as the material for his works, the artist forces us to think about the causative-consecutive connections in the bio-social world of which we are a part of.

Minimalist abstract compositions from poisons of different colors, shapes and level of concentration, gathered in the framework of the project "In the Name of Life" discover such topics as the relation of creation and destruction in interfering with the natural and social systems, the problem of setting goals and the choice of the means to achieve them, the legitimacy of the act of destruction as the part of the process of creation.

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The realization of our biological entity when meeting the works of Alexey Khamov starts with the fall of the first bastion - depriving us of our "immunity of the observer". The invisible line that separates the conditional field of an art object and the field of the viewer is suddenly appearing as destroyed. The viewer feels real danger, as if he was faced not with something artificial in nature of its origin, placed in a sterile space of a gallery or a museum, but with the real fact of life. Significantly, the fact of life, in this case, is directly related to death. The thought of death, in its turn, on an unconscious level, evokes the sense of danger, which takes us out of the ordinary state of trance. We suddenly find ourselves here-and-now: do not just look, but see; not just perceive, but are forced to evaluate the level of risk and make a decision on how to proceed. In this context, the work of art as a living being, provokes in us the instinct of self-preservation, reminds us of our biological, animal nature.

Alexey Khamov

The use of unusual materials to create the images and the fact of direct interaction between the viewer and the work of art, complement and reinforce formal and stylistic characteristics of Khamov's works, which, in the broad sense, can be called drawings.

Graphics has been the main technique for Alexey Khamov over the past five years. His installations, objects, performances, in fact, can be considered the continuation and development of early monochrome drawings on paper, some of which are also represented in the exhibition in order to contextualize his toxic works and put them into the framework of a broader "Khamov's narrative" about the fragility and evanescence of life.

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About the artist

Alexey Khamov was born in 1974 in the town of Sasovo, Ryazan region. Since 2000 he lives and works in Rostov-on-Don. He is the participant of the South Russian Biennale of Contemporary Art (2010), the exhibition "ABSTRACT WARRIORS" at the Museum of Modern Art on Dmitrovskaya street, Rostov-on-Don (2010), the exhibition "Live Perm" (2011), Art Festival MMIIRROORRSS, Rostov-on-Don (2013) and public art festival "MOZHET" ("CAN BE") in Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (2013).

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