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  • марта 31, 2014 // 16thLINE’s artist Oleg Ustinov in Strabag Artaward International long list
    16thLINE's artist Oleg Ustinov in Strabag Artaward International long list 93 artists including the 16thLINE gallery artist Oleg Ustinov entered the long list of the Strabag Artaward International, an award for the promotion of art in the fields of painting and drawing for artists under 40 years old. Read more
  • марта 19, 2014 // Warm, warmer
    WARM, WARMER Opening: 20 MARCH, 19:00 On view until 6 April Venue: "MAKARONKA" art centre The art centre hosts an exhibition by the Krasnodar artists as part of the cultural exchange between the cities (just a reminder: at the end of February the group of Rostov artists presented the "Bastards. Read more
  • февраля 27, 2014 // "Belka&Strelka" at IV FLUXFEST CHICAGO
    On 24 February the 4th International FLUXFEST CHICAGO 2014, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Italian fluxus artist G.A. Cavellini, came to its end. Russia was represented at the festival by the Fluxrus group "Belka&Strelka", a creative tandem of the 16thLINE gallery artists Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko. Read more
  • февраля 24, 2014 // CONFLICT
    On February 27, 2014 the gallery 16thLINE will present a solo exhibition of the artist from Krasnodar Igor Mikhailenko, who is considered as one of the most popular and authoritative figures in the art life of Krasnodar. Read more
    IN PICTURES:  COOPERATION TERRITORY FESTIVAL OPENING Opening of the Cooperation Territory Festival took place on Agust 1.  We thank our general sponsor Promsvyazbank JSC, as well as the media partners "Radio Monte Carlo", "Gorod N", "Delovoy Kvartal". Read more
  • августа 05, 2013 // ART UNITES CITIES
    August 1, the International Festival of Contemporary Art "Cooperation Territory" Opening Paying attention to the importance of respect to the place we live in, creating a sense of everyone's responsibility for a common happy co-existence are the aims set by the organizers and curators of the festival. Read more
  • июля 22, 2013 // FESTIVAL SCHEDULE
    FESTIVAL SCHEDULE August 1, Thursday 19.00 Opening of the "Cooperation Territory" exhibition* Venue: 16thLINE gallery  20.00 Opening of the "Cooperation Territory" exhibition*Venue: MAKARONKA Art Center ** 20. Read more
    Yesterday, on June 6, at the art center MAKARONKA the opening of "Admiral Laser beard: Dead or Alive" exhibition by the young St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Shadrin took place.   Shadrin makes fun of contemporary reality and speaks what he thinks without reserve. Read more
    ADMIRAL LASER BEARD: DEAD OR ALIVE  6 June,  19:00 The MAKARONKA art centre  presents the solo exhibition of the young St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Shadrin. The "Admiral Laser Beard: Dead or Alive" project by Dmitry Shadrin is a collection of prints created by the artist. Read more
    ADMIRAL LASER BEARD: DEAD OR ALIVE  6 June,  19:00 The MAKARONKA art centre  presents the solo exhibition of the young St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Shadrin. The "Admiral Laser Beard: Dead or Alive" project by Dmitry Shadrin is a collection of prints created by the artist. Read more

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I was born in Argentina, but Quetglas is a Majorcish surname, as my father came from Majorca. At the age of 17 I opened my own bar in Majorca, where my grandmother cooked while her health was good enough. When another cooks began to work, we had some problems. I understood if I wanted to do that business, I should learn to cook myself. If you have a goal, you will always find the possibility to overcome any obstacles. For example, in London I worked as a cook at the Marco Pierre White restaurant without any English. I just used a dictionary and videos.
The Russians like their own products not very much and are used to think that imported ones are better, but I don't think so. The restaurants that I worked for got a Michelin star and were in the list of Santos best restaurants, but I don't consider myself to be a maestro or a culinary star. I am a simple cook. My place is at the stove.
I don't understand reasons of conflicts among supporters of different gastronomic trends. There are only two cuisines - a bad one and a good one. The rest doesn't matter. It's always very pleasant when experts appreciate your job, however I think that in restaurant ratings there is more politics than reality. How is it possible to evaluate a cuisine using a point system? The main concept of my work is to present a new view of very simple things. Once I was asked about a product I respected most of all. My answer was a potato. A simple product, but it's very versatile. I like Basque chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. He opened his restaurant in the mountains, planted a vegetable garden and uses masterfully all the herbs, leaves and flowers, that grow there. Food shouldn't be too complicated. Why should we mix fish and foie gras? They will just kill each other on the plate. A palate can perceive 5, better 3 basic contrasting tastes. The rest only interferes.
The things that I do should have a simple human sense.
As for me, a fresh sardine is better than an old lobster.
Many people would like to know what they are eating and drinking.


The line is a straightforward pathway. This is a driving direction.
16thLINE started as an inner impulse, then we gathered together a team of enthusiasts, who hold the same views.
The hardest thing in the restaurant business is to find good staff. People matter a lot in this field.
Everything to do with food is very interesting to me. I like cooking, finding new recipes and entertain my guests.
I adore gastronomy tours. Collecting tastes of different countries is certainly very interesting.
I feel confident in the kitchen, even in somebody else's.
Never skimp on your education.
For me tasty cuisine is more about emotions. You can use high-quality food products, decorate a restaurant with luxurious interior design, but something will still be wrong. At the same time you can add something intangible to your dishes and everybody will enjoy them.
I am a positive person, and I always wake up with a smile on my face.
A high-quality food, wines and art, undoubtedly, cost money. But it should be honest money.
I never cook in a bad mood, as energy is usually transmitted to food. My job is business that brings joy first, then money.
Art and gastronomy for me are very similar concepts.
It's wonderful when a person, viewing a piece of art at our gallery or tasting a dish at the 16thLINE restaurant, can honestly say: "I don't understand, but I want to understand. Teach me"
I try not to put off till tomorrow what I can do right now.


It happened so that I started to cook at the age of 9. My mother gave me money, a list of products to buy and a recipe. I almost always managed to cook something tasty.
The work of a cook is closely related to economics, that's why I am happy that I have an additional education in economics.
My favourite dish is pasta in broth. If you know a few secrets you can cook it very tasty. Sometimes you can find something amazing in rather simple things.

Which cuisine is the most interesting for me? I think the Italian and Chinese ones. The first one is incredibly natural and fresh. The second one is extremely creative and original. You can learn something from the both.

I am experimental by nature. You will never really improve yourself, if you don't do anything on your own, anything new. The things that are considered classical nowadays were someone's experiments first.

The most interesting thoughts and ideas occur to me before sleep. Lying in bed I start thinking of something and suddenly - oops! - why not try that and add this! The next day I'm in a hurry to check what it will be.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is in nuances. One should feel the products, have some experience and intuition.

Combining incompatible things is very fascinating.

Inventing a good name for a dish is sometimes as hard as inventing a dish itself.

I've worked at canteens, bistros, and factory's cafes. It was a good school. It's better to start from the very bottom.


For me the line is infinity. One may call it "cyclic recurrence", I like the word "infinity" more. Infinity in its development, in its existence, and improvement. My job, originally, is not so much creative. However, at 16thLINE there is nothing the way it's supposed to be.
Working for 16thLINE I feel involved in something new, unusual, revolutionary, as there has been nothing similar in Rostov before. Perhaps, discoverers of new lands feel the same.

When people are bored, they don't do their work well.

My love of museums has lasted since my childhood. My sister and me often visited my uncle in Kiev. He planned a programme of visits for us, and we together attended cultural outings. My sister protested and asked to let he go on the swings, but I liked visiting museums for some reason.
Luckily, in any society there are always a number of people, who strive after something unusual.
I am always good at doing start-up projects. It's a wonderful feeling when something new appears thanks to you. Probably, it's just a well-developed maternal instinct. I've got 2 children, you know.

A real contemporary art doesn't reflect reality, it's ahead of it. I don't like to confine myself to job responsibilities. A job is interesting, when it lets you realize your potential. We should show art as it is now, no matter how controversial it is. If art is provocative and rowdy, it should be the same at our gallery. Salon paintings are not for us. It's interesting to be in the vanguard. Having studied at school of arts for 5 years, I didn't become an artist. While drawing I lack imagination. But I have it, when I am working on a project.