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  • марта 31, 2014 // 16thLINE’s artist Oleg Ustinov in Strabag Artaward International long list
    16thLINE's artist Oleg Ustinov in Strabag Artaward International long list 93 artists including the 16thLINE gallery artist Oleg Ustinov entered the long list of the Strabag Artaward International, an award for the promotion of art in the fields of painting and drawing for artists under 40 years old. Read more
  • марта 19, 2014 // Warm, warmer
    WARM, WARMER Opening: 20 MARCH, 19:00 On view until 6 April Venue: "MAKARONKA" art centre The art centre hosts an exhibition by the Krasnodar artists as part of the cultural exchange between the cities (just a reminder: at the end of February the group of Rostov artists presented the "Bastards. Read more
  • февраля 27, 2014 // "Belka&Strelka" at IV FLUXFEST CHICAGO
    On 24 February the 4th International FLUXFEST CHICAGO 2014, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Italian fluxus artist G.A. Cavellini, came to its end. Russia was represented at the festival by the Fluxrus group "Belka&Strelka", a creative tandem of the 16thLINE gallery artists Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko. Read more
  • февраля 24, 2014 // CONFLICT
    On February 27, 2014 the gallery 16thLINE will present a solo exhibition of the artist from Krasnodar Igor Mikhailenko, who is considered as one of the most popular and authoritative figures in the art life of Krasnodar. Read more
    IN PICTURES:  COOPERATION TERRITORY FESTIVAL OPENING Opening of the Cooperation Territory Festival took place on Agust 1.  We thank our general sponsor Promsvyazbank JSC, as well as the media partners "Radio Monte Carlo", "Gorod N", "Delovoy Kvartal". Read more
  • августа 05, 2013 // ART UNITES CITIES
    August 1, the International Festival of Contemporary Art "Cooperation Territory" Opening Paying attention to the importance of respect to the place we live in, creating a sense of everyone's responsibility for a common happy co-existence are the aims set by the organizers and curators of the festival. Read more
  • июля 22, 2013 // FESTIVAL SCHEDULE
    FESTIVAL SCHEDULE August 1, Thursday 19.00 Opening of the "Cooperation Territory" exhibition* Venue: 16thLINE gallery  20.00 Opening of the "Cooperation Territory" exhibition*Venue: MAKARONKA Art Center ** 20. Read more
    Yesterday, on June 6, at the art center MAKARONKA the opening of "Admiral Laser beard: Dead or Alive" exhibition by the young St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Shadrin took place.   Shadrin makes fun of contemporary reality and speaks what he thinks without reserve. Read more
    ADMIRAL LASER BEARD: DEAD OR ALIVE  6 June,  19:00 The MAKARONKA art centre  presents the solo exhibition of the young St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Shadrin. The "Admiral Laser Beard: Dead or Alive" project by Dmitry Shadrin is a collection of prints created by the artist. Read more
    ADMIRAL LASER BEARD: DEAD OR ALIVE  6 June,  19:00 The MAKARONKA art centre  presents the solo exhibition of the young St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Shadrin. The "Admiral Laser Beard: Dead or Alive" project by Dmitry Shadrin is a collection of prints created by the artist. Read more

About 16th LINE Project ///

General introduction

The 16th LINE PROJECT is a fundamentally new venue for art enthusiasts and collectors. It includes a commercial gallery of contemporary art, public art space with artist residence at summer, and also «haut-cuisine» restaurant and wine-bar. Situated in the largest city in the South Federal Region of Russia, Rostov-on-Don, the 16th LINE PROJECT is the first and only center of contemporary art in the South of Russia where visitors can view and purchase the best works of art, consult with famous gallerists and curators, and become a part of the international art community.

The 16th LINE PROJECT was established in 2009 as a private initiative interested in developing contemporary culture in the region and expanding the art business in Russia.


Старая Нахичевань, 16 линия отмечена  


The 16th LINE GALLERY is located in a new 4-story building specially constructed in one of the city’s finest districts, offering an ideally designed space. The building was planned by the best architects of the city to suit the surrounding environmental landscape perfectly. The perception of art depends directly on the quality of representation and narration. That’s why the gallery’s professional equipment corresponds to the highest international standards. An exhibit space of 300 m² allows for the presentation of various forms of contemporary art such as: painting, graphic, photo and video, sculpture and installation.

16th LINE Art Gallery

The 16th LINE GALLERY is a «gallery of galleries». It invites partnerships with leading world galleries, offering its space as a platform from which they can introduce emerging artists to the Russian market. Additionally, the gallery foundation forms its own permanent public collection including both Russian and foreign artists.

The gallery is offering professional art advisory services, art tours to international fairs and exhibitions as well as special gallery events, and can assist both private and corporate clients with the development of their own collections.




The inauguration of the gallery is planned for September 2011. As the Russian art market is only truly established in Moscow and St. Petersburg with other regions yet to be developed, the 16th LINE GALLERY is organizing a private group show which will represent an overview of Western contemporary art for local collectors.

This vernissage will strive to showcase the new artistic environment that the 16th LINE GALLERY is promoting and will introduce audiences to a unique and intimate gallery space. Likewise, it promises to attract considerable interest from the international art community along with positive critical attention.

As part of the gallery’s opening, visitors will have access to master classes and seminars which will explore cutting edge themes in contemporary culture and will include the most important figures of both the Russian and foreign art scene. In the future, curators for each show will be invited to discuss their exhibits and meet with gallery clients personally.



The 16th LINE GALLERY aspires to devise the perfect conditions for collectors and art connoisseurs. The first shows will be formed with this audience in mind directed towards generating a loyal following of consumers and art world professionals. In light of the underdeveloped cultural environment in the region, the gallery has a wonderful opportunity to form and educate its own clients. Moreover, the competition in this field is almost completely absent, allowing for the distinct advantage of direct communication with clients.

The most exclusive feature of the Gallery will be partnerships with other leading world galleries, a concept which no other Russian gallery has embraced as of yet. The 16th LINE GALLERY will also collaborate with businesses, the luxury segment of the consumer market and mass-media to attract new clients, contributors, editorial partners and financial supporters, all of whom will be invited to select opening events.

In addition to exhibit activity, the 16th LINE GALLERY will also organize a series of lectures and master classes designed for the general public. Several layers of programming focused mainly on young art enthusiasts will be interwoven to create shows and events that inspire participant reflection on their personal experience of the art world.


Goals, mission, and social responsibility

Collaborating with preeminent galleries, curators and artists, the 16th LINE GALLERY aims to develop the cultural level of the Southern Federal District of Russia while forging a new art market in the process. Having been home to many distinguished writers, composers and painters, the city and region enjoy a rich cultural history. Unfortunately, by force of circumstances the business niche of contemporary art is almost non-existent. To address this situation, the 16th LINE GALLERY will engage in activity to promote contemporary culture, lending special support to emerging art collectors and connoisseurs. In addition to collaborative artistic programming, there will also be an emphasis on education, community development and social responsibility.


As part of each exhibition, the 16th LINE GALLERY will establish a lecture series on relevant topics moderated by top curators, artists and cultural figures. The gallery will host existing lecture series as well as inspire and lead new discussions exclusive to the topics explored by its own exhibits and artistic programming.



The 16th LINE GALLERY will focus on bringing together curators, artists and collectors to stimulate new arts-related business activity and to inspire interest in contemporary art in general. The gallery will also provide an opportunity for independent curators and established artists to expand their creative impact through cross-promotion with other arts institutions and through 3rd party partnerships where value systems are aligned in the spirit of collaborative art production.



In tandem with its various layers of artistic and educational programming, the 16th LINE GALLERY will offer professional assistance to not-for-profit organizations. Also, in accord with its focus on corporate social responsibility, the gallery will maintain complete transparency in regard to its distribution of audience financial contributions.

Press and marketing strategy

To promote the opening of the gallery and bolster the visibility of the inaugural exhibition, the 16th LINE GALLERY will retain diverse communication companies, which specialize in high-profile special events, complex art production, and customized media relations for arts organizations. Furthermore, one of the most respected public relations agencies in Moscow will be working with the federal mass media to attract maximum attention to the gallery opening.

It should also be noted that the director of the 16th LINE GALLERY previously served for ten years as Brand Director at the well-known publishing house, Hachette Fillipachi Shkulev, which will provide the gallery with direct access to all regional media in the Southern Federal District.

These advantages will help position the 16th LINE GALLERY in Russia’s cultural community by allowing the gallery to connect with key tastemakers and build strong media relationships with influential critics and journalists. These factors will also ensure credibility within the art industry through the monitoring of exhibitions and initiatives, and will convey the 16th LINE GALLERY’s commitment to intellectually rigorous programs and advocacy of open dialogue.