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"Hostages Of The Void" catalogue

Country: Russia
Year: 2011

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The catalogue comprises several articles by the project curators and artists as well as an essay on the 7 sections of the exhibition:

I. 1920-1950s - Visual Horizons and the Power of the Void.
II. 1960s Metaphysics and Surrealism.
III. The Concept of the Void in Moscow Conceptualism.
IV. Filling the Empty Space: Voices, Silence, and Trivial Activities.
V. "The Empty canon".
VI. Residual, Lateral, and Peripheral Vision;
VII. Non-Spectacular Practices; Non-Vision as an Imaginary Emptiness;
VIII. New Media: Empty Messages and Criticism of Communication.
In the catalogue one can find all the images of the works, which were presented at the Tretyakov Gallery and at 16thLINE.