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сентября 06, 2012 //

Masha Bogoraz_1

The 16thLINE gallery starts developing a new line that is searching and promoting talented artists of our region on the Russian and international art scene. The gallery has recently concluded a copperation agreement with Alexander Selivanov (Rostov),Oleg Ustinov (Rostov/Moscow), Maria Bogoraz (Rostov) and the "Belka&Strelka" fluxrus art group, Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko (Taganrog). We wil present all the artists on the pages of our blog, starting with  Maria Bogoraz. Masha Bogoraz was born in Rostov-on-Don.

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июня 05, 2012 //


16THLINE ART GALLERY, ROSTOV-ON-DON (RUSSIA) PRESENTS GALERIE NEU, BERLIN (GERMANY): PRIVATO WITH WORKS BY 5 FAMOUS FROM GERMANY, ITALY, SCOTLAND AND GREAT BRITAIN ON VIEW: MAY 31 - JULY 15 KEITH FARQUHAR Keith Farquhar was born in 1969 in Edinburgh, where he also lives and works today. He studied at Edinburgh College of Art and at Goldsmith College.His work spans a variety of media from drawing and collage to neon-works and sculpture. He is interested in codes and procedures originating in popular culture and various subcultures and in investigating their various implications, for example in terms of class.

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апреля 19, 2012 //


On April 22 the 16THLINE Modern Art Gallery and the Neu Gallery (Berlin) present Pubblico Exhibition in Rostov-On-Don with works by the modern European artists Daniel Pflumm, Florian Hecker and Claire Fontaine CLAIRE FONTAINE     Founded in 2004 and based in Paris, CLAIRE FOUNTAINE describe themselves as a ‘collective artist,' or a ready-made artist. Claire Fontaine didn't only take her name from a popular brand of school notebooks, but above all employs ‘ready-made' artistic practices, ranging from painting and sculpture to neon signs and objects.

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марта 01, 2012 //

ZIN_8510_новый размер

"Going to an unfamiliar Russian city, bringing works by world-famous artists, whose names are unknown for unprepared viewers in a local Russian environment, and nobody has shown anything of the kind before... Yes, for a successful European gallery it is insanity. However, we are attracted by all new and a little bit crazy. That is the reason why we are here", says Volker Diehl, the founder of the Berlin "Art-forum", the organizer of the "Berlin tut gut!" exhibition - a joint project by the famous Berlin gallery CFA and the 16thLINE art gallery.

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