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апреля 15, 2013 //


16THLINE GALLERY AT ART PARIS ART FAIR 2013 This spring the 16thLINE gallery among eleven other participants from Russia has had the honor to represent our country at Art Paris Art Fair in Paris, which this year has headed to developing art markets of Central and Eastern Europe. While some Russian galleries staked on art works that are already famous among audiences, the 16thLINE gallery presented emerging South Russian artists: the only in Russia "Belka&Strelka" Fluxrus group, "SITO" art group as well as the artists Oleg Ustinov, Maria Bogoraz and Alexander Selivanov.

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марта 30, 2013 //
16thLINE: our motto is NO LIMITS


Meeting with Russian gallery 16thLine at the Art Paris Art Fair  The 16th Line Gallery is part of the Russian selection on display at the Grand Palais on the occasion of the Art Paris Art Fair. Art Media Agency met with this young dynamic gallery, for its first coming at the Parisian fair (stand G4), and had the opportunity to talk to Maria Sigutina, the curator.   Art Media Agency (AMA): What motives led you to create the 16th Line Gallery? Maria Sigutina (MS): We are based in Rostov-on-Don, a town located in the South of Russia, that has a long-running trade and multiculturalism tradition.

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декабря 30, 2012 //


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декабря 26, 2012 //
Auctineer Andrey Stroganov about the auction at 16thLINE


While galleries are being closed and reorganized, while exhibitions of contemporary art are being prohibited and many established artists are being persecuted, the 16thLINE gallery is simply going against the stream - it not only keeps doing new curatorial projects, making great strides in entering the international market, but it also dares to hold an open auction. During this year owners of galleries, art critics and dealers have conducted a funeral service for the Russian art market. For me with a degree in economics there is nothing strange and new about that as nobody has longed for consolidation or art business transparency.

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декабря 11, 2012 //


- In the current circumstances when we don't have so much information about you and your works, I'd like, first of all, get some answers first hand. Including hearing about your latest exhibition projects. - Yes, indeed. My latest exhibition project was taking part in the Festival of Contemporary Art Rostov-2012, which was carried out by Sergey Sapozhnikov and Svetlana Kruze. This festival took place at the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts in September. - And in September itself your works were presented by 16thLINE at the ViennaFair.

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